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Why indexo?

The term indexing implies organizing data to facilitate its consultation and analysis.

At indexo, we do more than just put information online. Based on your project or needs, we analyze, organize, and create solutions that generate strategic and quality content allowing you to stand out in your market.

Our Philosophy.

Beyond indexing and the technical aspect, we firmly believe in the importance of passion and its ability to elevate businesses as high as the quality of their service allows. Our philosophy centers on connecting customers with companies that are not only skilled and knowledgeable but also deeply passionate and proud of their work. We firmly believe that when customers partner with passionate companies, the results are exceptional and transformative.

We wish to start a relationship with you based on trust, open communication, and shared values. We believe in partnerships meant to thrive. We are interested in connecting with people, projects, and companies that not only can deliver outstanding results but also genuinely care about making a positive impact in the world.

Our Team

Jesús Vergara

Jesús Vergara

Web Development/SEO
Mónica Lara

Mónica Lara

Erika Whitesides

Erika Whitesides

UX Design

Our Story

indexo's story began in 2016. Jesús, acquiring knowledge related to website development and technical elements for their subsequent optimization for search engines, began working independently on projects that arose from the needs of family and friends in different localities of Mexico.

Mónica, passionate about strategic communication, joined to collaborate on projects aligned with web development and other marketing strategies. This provided the opportunity to consolidate indexo as a team.

As indexo accumulated experience, Erika joined, a UX designer who contributed with her graphic skills and a critical eye for visual details, essential for presenting information. Additionally, her nationality inspired us to consider international expansion.

The vision was clear: to create an agency that would not only set new standards in Mexico, but would demonstrate quality and versatility that would resonate beyond our borders, adapting and being relevant in diverse cultures and countries.

Our Growth.

With a team dedicated to delivering outstanding results for our clients, indexo has expanded its presence to new frontiers. We embrace each challenge as an opportunity for growth.

As our philosophy indicates, we aspire for all projects in the world to have access to better and more effective digital communication structures. Moreover, we focus on empowering members of each project so they can learn, grow, and diversify their businesses.

We seek success through our professional and personal experiences, in synergy with friends, colleagues, partners, and collaborators. We have designers, photographers, advertisers, and programmers ready to co-create projects with us.