How does call tracking work?

To understand call tracking, it is necessary to forget the concepts of traditional telephone infrastructure.

The virtual phone numbers we use in this service operate over the Internet, allowing effective communication in three simple steps:

Tracking Number

We provide you with a unique phone number, exclusive to your website.

Redirection Number

You tell us the number to which you want calls from your website to be redirected.


Consult in real time the history of received calls and missed calls.

Call Tracking Process

Customer calls

Customer calls

The customer calls the tracking number that we assign you at indexo.

Website processes calls

Web Register

Your website receives, records, and redirects the call.

You receive the call

Received Call

You receive the call on the telephone number of your choice.


Any Doubts?

We know this concept might seem unusual, let us show you in real time how our tool works.

Give us a call and experience the instant update of your phone number in our records!

Phone Datetime Status Duration
*****800 07-15-2024 12:57:12 Answered call 01:00
*****007 07-03-2024 15:29:40 Answered call 46:06
*****876 07-02-2024 11:32:03 Missed call 00:00
*****499 06-24-2024 13:02:28 Missed call 00:00

Gain full control of your calls today.

Optimize, track, and convert calls into opportunities.

Call Tracking FAQ's

Call Tracking, also known as Call Tracking, is an advanced technology used to record and analyze incoming phone calls to a business or website. This technology allows for assigning unique phone numbers to different marketing sources, such as online ads, email campaigns, or social networks. When a potential customer makes a call to one of these numbers, the call tracking system records valuable data, such as the call duration and the dialed phone number.

The basic operation of call tracking involves using specific phone numbers for each marketing source. When a customer makes a call to one of these numbers, the call tracking technology automatically identifies the source that generated the call. This allows businesses to know which marketing strategies are generating phone conversions and optimize their efforts accordingly.

Call tracking not only provides valuable information about the effectiveness of marketing campaigns but also allows a better understanding of customer behavior and helps in making informed decisions to improve the marketing strategy.

No, Call Tracking is legal as long as it is used ethically and complies with data privacy regulations. It is important to obtain customer consent, as there is the possibility of recording calls, and it is necessary to ensure compliance with local and national privacy laws.

With the Call Tracking service, you can track and analyze valuable information, such as the duration of the call, the originating phone number, the date and time of the call, and the recording of the conversation (if appropriate consent is obtained). This provides you with useful data to measure the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns and improve customer service in Colorado.