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Quality as a Priority.

At indexo, we offer high-quality web design to turn your digital visions into reality. Communication is key to understanding your ideas and goals.

We understand the web thoroughly; there are no limitations regarding the type of project or industry. Without neglecting visual aspects, we optimize your site to look exceptional on any device. We consider both users and search engines in every development phase.

Web Design Process.









Visual Design.

In this stage, we work on organizing text, graphics, and other multimedia objects provided by the client. It is important that before building the web page, there is a client-agency agreement on a sketch or pre-design.


During construction, the basic elements of graphic design must work together with technical fundamentals, meaning alignment, color, and typography are as important as functionality, compatibility, and interactivity. This ensures that both the visual impact and user experience are an invitation for the user to contact the business or company in question.


Statistics in 2005 told us that the number of websites was around 8 billion, with 4,400 new sites added daily. To achieve success in our organization, it is necessary to stand out in this sea of information, and optimization is a key factor in achieving this.

Among the main optimizations are responsive web design, which aims to adapt the same webpage to different screen sizes and orientations.

Load speed, or web performance optimization (WPO), refers to the speed at which a website is downloaded and displayed to the user. This is achieved through various techniques resulting in greater user satisfaction, especially for those with slow internet connections and mobile device visitors.

And finally, search engine optimization or SEO: consists of optimizing content structure to improve the page's position in web search engines for one or more keywords.


Once the previous stages are completed, your site will be ready to promote on your social networks or to start an offsite SEO campaign.

To better understand the difference between onsite SEO and offsite SEO, consult our SEO services section.

Key Facts and Stats.


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judge a company's credibility based on their experience on its website.


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of websites with much lower abandonment rates than their competition.


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claim to return to a website that has provided a positive experience.

Web Design FAQ's

We like to compare the creation of a website to the building of a house. In this sense, the sections or pages of the website are similar to the rooms or sections of a house. Therefore, the number and complexity of these directly influence the final price.

The sections on a standard website are equivalent to what you would see in the menu or navigation bar: the home page, about us, services, gallery, contact, among others. Just like in a house, these sections can vary in size and features, such as having different types of content, interaction options, or specific details.

The number of sections, features, and details on your website is generally directly related to the amount of information you plan to include. And no one knows better than you exactly how much information you need for your website. We invite you to use our quote calculator to get an accurate estimate of the tool you have in mind.

If you are interested in our "standard" website quotation, the development time is 1 month, once the client provides the necessary information such as corporate identity, logos, texts, etc., a strategic development of quality content is initiated in four steps: visual design, construction, optimization, and launch.

If you are requesting a customized website, the development is different and involves an undefined structure and development time.


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