Hello, World!

Hello, World!

Web Design
June 27th, 2024

Welcome to our blog and this inaugural post, where we aim to show the more personal and human side of your future digital partner for your business, indexo.

Anyone with basic SEO knowledge from over five years ago understands that early positioning techniques were almost exclusively designed for robots. For example, if indexo wanted to rank for "web design Colorado", it was necessary to create a webpage with the keyword repeated in every text block, have a sidebar loaded with a ridiculous number of links leading to pages with possibly repeated text, which would contain even more sections with related text like "web design Wheat Ridge". The goal was to fill our website with information very useful and clear for robots, but utterly useless for users.

In a somewhat irreverent or inconsistent manner, we've titled this article "Hello, World!" Whether you know the reference or not, let's quickly explain it. In the world of programming, particularly when a computer science student is learning a new programming language, the phrase "Hello, World!" is used to write a few lines of code that either teach how to send a message from the computer or check that the language is functioning correctly to continue learning. For those interested in learning more about this phrase, feel free to check the Wikipedia article on it.

What we're trying to express is that the internet spent a good portion of time not caring about the most important aspect—us, the users. We should be the most important part, and the "church of Google" has long been preaching that they are making every effort to ensure their robots recognize and understand that website arrangement on the web will be prioritized by levels of humanity. It sounds ridiculous as we write it: Google's robots analyzing the human side of the web, the irony is more than evident. Verify that info here.

Despite the challenge of moving away from old SEO practices in a world now teeming with robots, AI, and myriad other technologies, we at indexo believe in the importance of striking the right balance during this transition. That's why we are relaunching our blog with the most human greeting paired with the most robotic reference we can think of:

So, without further ado, this is the end of this article but the beginning of a new series of blog posts in which we will try to convey, in the most human way possible, who indexo is, what we do, and most importantly, why we do what we do.

We hope that if you understand the vision we have of the world and the way we like to work and do business, we can create relationships where robots and artificial intelligence continue to serve us, and we keep connecting and growing in the most human way possible—without forgetting to sell, of course.

To everyone who has read this far, thank you, and once again, a warm welcome to indexo.

Attribution Image by storyset on Freepik